"The personal emotional you is the doorway to enlightenment, not the obstacle."

    Sage Harbor Films is dedicated to telling stories that explore new avenues of consciousness and inspire new conversations about spirituality. We are long-time spiritual practitioners, former seekers, and intrepid filmmakers. Our films come out of our personal experiences, reflecting on the ways we were seekers of enlightenment, and then asking questions that can help bring new perspectives for people who are open to ask, what if? Our films have been selected for film festivals, special screenings, and viewed and downloaded by seekers around the world. 

    Watch Tears of the Buddha

    Our first film was Tears of the Buddha: Spirituality & Emotions. Tears explores the spiritual path through the lens of emotion. Director Joel Lesko interviews modern Buddhistic, non-dual oriented teachers to find out how their teachings apply in daily life - are emotions an impediment to spiritual growth? What about so-called unspiritual emotions like anger and hate? Do emotions trap a seeker in the personal self?  

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    • A Must See for any person seeking...

      How about putting a dozen gurus on the hot-seat... ask them real questions... and then go further. That's just part of what this insightful film does.  If you want to further your understanding of how we create our experience... this is a video for you. No mumble-jumbo here. Good questions...

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    • Tears of the Buddha now available on GAIA TV

      Sage Harbor is proud to announce that Tears of the Buddha is now available on GAIA TV. link You can sign up and get access to thousands of videos and films about a wide range of spiritual topics. There's a lively conversation going on about Tears. 

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    • Tears of the Buddha Dokumentation kommt nach München Sonntag 25 Mai 19.00 Uhr

      Der amerikanische Filmemacher Joel Lesko und seine Frau Angelika kommen nach München! Im Klangheilzentrum (Nähe Harras) zeigen sie Szenen aus ihrem neuen Dokumentarfilm 'Tears of the Buddha: Spiritualität und Emotionen'. Dieser außergewöhnliche Film erforscht anhand von Interviews mit 12 bekannten spirituellen Lehrern, u.a. Gangaji, Eli Jaxon Baer und Karl Renz,...

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